Zdjęcie o mnie

Artistic Photography – the Beauty of Nature.

A ray of sunshine that pierces through the foliage and finds an inconspicuous, blue flower timidly emerging from last year’s withered leaves. Hepatica, perhaps the first this spring. Will anyone notice? Will anyone enjoy it?

We are rushing through life faster and faster. There are so many things that cannot wait. Will we manage to do it all? There is so much ugliness in our world, dominated by grayness and mediocrity. And so much beauty, we pass by without even noticing it.

A delicate blue hepatica touched by the first warm sunbeam. A saturated yellow marigold amidst the intense spring greenery. Fluffy catkins on a willow tree in a gentle breeze, a little bird with its ruffled feathers carrying a caterpillar in its beak. A magnificent magnolia flower in various shades of pink, carmine and ruby, round cotoneaster leaves with an elegant white border of tiny crystal frost, a filigree, intricately carved snowflake.

All of this is our reality too. Right next to you and for you. Stop for a moment. Look around, notice, let yourself be amazed.

At the same time, it is an ephemeral, fleeting, fragile, and delicate reality. It is here now, but it will be gone in a moment.

Don’t miss it. Make good use of your time on Earth – admire its mastery, marvel at its beauty, allow yourself to be moved.

Photography has been my passion for many years. I have always been fascinated by the ability to capture and freeze in an image the transient, fleeting reality using a camera.